All forms can be downloaded as PDF documents.
Some are also available in Word format.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view .PDF files.

Do Not use previous forms. Use one of the two versions of the 2019 Entry Forms. Teachers and students, please be sure that all fields are filled in regardless of the form you choose to use. If a selected work has an unreadable or incomplete entry form an alternative artwork may be selected. A parent/guardian signature is required for students under the age of 18.

Entry Form for Hand Writing (contains letter boxes for hand printing) - Use this version to print, photocopy, and then hand-write information into the form.

TEACHERS: When using this form, print it from the computer and then fill out all basic school information IN BOLD INK before making copies for students. Students can fill in their information with RED or BLUE ink, so it stands out from school information.

OGYAE 2019 Official Entry Form for Hand Writing - PDF File

Entry Form for Typing - Use this form to type all information before printing the form. Mac users may find it easier to open this form using Safari as the browser.

TEACHERS: When using this form, fill out all basic school information and do a "save as" to save a new pdf to share with students. Students can then type in their personal information to complete the form for printing.

OGYAE 2019 Official Entry Form for Typing - PDF File (The typable pdf should be opened using Internet Explorer or Safari)

Photo Release Form - For recognizable people in photography and video works

OGYAE Photo Release Form - PDF File

Art Criticism Entry Forms

Ohio Art Criticism Open, 2019 - Entry Form - PDF File

Ohio Art Criticism Open, 2019 - Entry Form - Microsoft Word File

Regional Inventory List Form

TEACHERS: You must print and complete the inventory List. This will be given to your Regional Director at the regional drop-off. The total on this list should match the entry fees paid for your student's entries.

2019 Regional Inventory List Form - PDF File

SPONSORS: Forms for sponsorship are below. The PDF's can be filled in and returned to Thad Ricker via email.

Sponsorship form pg 1
Scholarship form pg 2
Sponsor Juror Request form

Sponsorship Business form

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