2017 Top 25
Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibit
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Ptah Amissah-Aidoo, "Headed In The Wrong"
Stivers School for the Arts
Darryl Bronner, No Title
Stivers School for the Arts
Isabella Camberos, "Assortment"
Stivers School for the Arts
Maria Basile, "Perfect Imperfection"
Olentangy Liberty High School
Joscelyn Ervin, "Connected"
Ontario High School
Mona Danesh, "Jazzab"
Hilliard Davidson High School
Laurel Heer, "I've Come Undone"
Dublin Scioto High School
Isabella Getgey, "701 East Basin"
Wyoming High School
Jane Goble, "Food For Thought"
Chagrin Falls High School
Wilhelmina Marks, "2.26.17 4:19"
Ontario High School
Simon Kingston, "Prints" (Series of 5)
Stivers School for the Arts
Maddison Belinger, "Sea Party"
Olentangy High School
Sarah Mowrey, "Cat & Mouse"
Olentangy High School
Brie Mullins, "When In Doubt, Pinky Out"
West Jefferson High School
TaDareus Patterson, "Helping Out A Homeless"
Springfield High School
Dylan Phipps, "No Face, No Name"
Ketterington Fairmont High School
Sydney Pliska, "Village"
Hilliard Bradley High School
Rhianna Powell, "Fog"
Waynesville High School
Emily Shonk, "Tasty and Fashionable" (Series of 2)
Indian Valley High School
Sarthak Shah, "Self Portrait in Objects"
Olentangy Liberty High School
Emma Siefring, "Cornucupia"
Olentangy Liberty High School
Dante Sudilovsky, "Machined Misery"
University School High School
Bishop Taylor, "Tales Of The Evangelist" (Series of 5)
Laurel Oaks Career Campus
Troy Taylor, "Zero Gravity Ode Robby Cuthbert"
Ontario High School
Carly Vagedes, "Mother Nature's Womb"
Stivers School for the Arts
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